Tandis AK is the producer of chicken feet owning the processing unit center near the suburbs of Tehran. The processing is executed under the supervision of Veterinary experts by high-tech machinery and in large volumes in order to be capable of supplying our customers Grade A Chicken Feet products.

We are honored to inform our customers that we have reached the point to supply you in large quantities on a regular basis with competitive prices.



Chicken Feet





  •  No Yellow Skin 
  •  No Black Nails
  •  Washed & Clean
  •  No Feathers
  •  No Bad Smell
  •  No Blood
  •  No Bruise
  •  No Broken Bone
  •  No Excess Water
  •  No Black Spots
  •  No Black pads
  •  Dry moisture less than 1%
  •  Frozen Temperature Blasted: minus – 40° C
  •  Storage: minus – 20° C
  • Temperature during transport: minus – 18° C
  • Weight of each Feet 35-60 grams
  • Length of chicken feet: 15cm
  •  Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Shipping origin port: Bandar Abbas: Iran
  • Origin: Iran
  • Supply Ability: 1,000MT/Month.
  • Shipment route: By Ocean / Ship
  • Transit time:  25 working days 
  • Port of Discharge: Bandar Abbas: Iran
  • Payment Terms: FOB, L/C& T.T
  • Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

a. SGS Certificate of Quality
b. SGS Certificate of Weight
                                                      c. SGS Certificate of Pre-Shipment Inspection Report